Defiant car enthusiasts plan to go ahead with Salthill meet

Galway Daily news Defiant car enthusiasts plan to go ahead with Salthill car meet

A group of car enthusiasts have said that they will hold a car meet in Salthill this weekend, after earlier saying the location would be changed.

The Galway Car Scene group on facebook has been planning to hold a meet in Salthill this Sunday since late September.

This prompted concern from many who were concerned about a repeat of the traffic and noise issues that came with events earlier in the summer.

Back last May car meets organised by the Salthill Sundays group brought traffic in much of the city to a standstill due to large numbers of cars circulating endlessly on the Prom.

Galway Car Scene have pushed back against being labelled as boy-racers, or joy-riders, saying that this is unfair to the car community in Galway.

They have also started an online petition calling for a safe location where they can hold events, which currently has just over 250 signatures.

Public concerns over the events have pointed out that they do not have the same kind of traffic management or safety plans that would come with a properly permitted public event.

Last Sunday, the group said that after the backlash that followed the initial plans, the car meet would be moved to an undisclosed location.

However, in a post on the Galway Car Scene facebook page this afternoon that appears to have changed, with an update that “This Sunday’s event WILL be held in Salthill”.

The event page for the car meet on Facebook has 132 people who have said they are going as of the time of writing, with a further 584 who are Interested.