Declan Ganley’s brother ‘assaulted’ putting up pro-life posters in Galway

declan ganleys brother attacked while putting up abortion posters in galway Galway Daily

Galway businessman Declan Ganley took to Twitter late last night to claim that his brother was ‘assaulted’ in Galway while putting up anti-abortion posters.

He said that his brother Sean was assaulted yesterday evening by a bearded man with a North American accent.

Ganley said that his Sean is not badly injured and that the Gardaí have been informed of the incident.

He stated that he knows the perpetrator’s name.

Earlier in the evening, one of Ganley’s pro-life colleagues’ car was allegedly ‘keyed’ for displaying pro-life stickers and posters, with Ganley saying that the perpetrators need to to “grow up”,  and that democracy is “not a safe space”.

The Galwegian businessman has well-known pro-life views, speaking at the Rally for Life in July 2013 and participating in an interview on TV3 earlier this year where he appeared to become emotional talking about abortion.
Earlier this week, he complained about pro-choice campaigners tweeting a picture of him crucified to a Facebook logo.

Declan Ganley is also known for his political project, Libertas, a pan-European political party.

The party and its allies across Europe won one seat in the subsequent European Elections. The one Libertas-affiliated MEP sat with the likes of UKIP and the far-right Italian party Northern League in the European Parliament.