Decision taken to supply water to Kilreekil after 40 years

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Water will be supplied to the Kilreekil area, following a decision made at a special meeting of Cappataggle Group Water Scheme last night, ending a long-running saga in the Kilreekil and Cappataggle areas.

The campaign has been going on for 40 years and during that time approximately 150 households, as well as a school, businesses and farming enterprises were left without a public water supply.

Sean Canney TD welcomed the news, complimenting the Cappataggle Scheme for their decision.

“In the last two years, members of Cappataggle Group Water Scheme have been doing their due diligence to ensure that the water supply was adequate. Galway County Council has been very supportive and I would like to compliment members of Cappataggle Scheme for their very positive decision and I look forward to the successful conclusion of this issue.

“We now have identified a water supply and have a budget and the next step is to get on with the construction of the pipe network to bring water to these houses and farms after a 40 year wait.

“I want to acknowledge the work behind the scenes of Cllr. Tim Broderick and Cllr. Pat Hynes and Dessie O’Brien, who have been involved over many years in bringing the issue to a successful conclusion. When completed, it will give a guaranteed supply of quality water to the community, which is a basic need in any society,” said Sean Canney TD.