Warning of scam calls that seem to come from Garda Stations

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An Garda Síochána have issued a warning of fraudsters pretending to be members of the Gardaí while making scam calls.

Scams have been reported nationwide, with the number the fraudsters are calling from often appearing to be from a genuine Garda Station.

These scams tend to start with the person receiving the call having to listen to a pre-recorded message, and choose and option, before being put through to someone in person.

The scammer will then either seek your personal information, or inform the person that their details have been involved with, or linked to, a crime.

After giving over personal details the victim receives a follow up call from another scammer seeking more details on behalf of An Garda Síochána.

“Whilst the scammers may change their stories and methods, their goal is always the same – they want to access your sensitive information and get their hands on your money,” a statement from An Garda Síochana said.

“Gardaí are urging the public to spread the word of fraud prevention as people continue to fall victim to scams on a daily basis.”

“In many cases the subsequent call from the fraudsters appears to provide reassurance to the victim that this is a legitimate call, which it is not.”

Gardaí will not make contact with members of the public like this, and most people realise that the calls are not genuine.

However, there is concern that people who have had little to no interaction with An Garda Síochána may be more susceptible to this type of fraud.

The Garda National Diversity and Integration Unit is reaching out to emphasis that emphasise that anyone who is contacted like this should not engage with the caller, return the call, or follow any automated instructions.

Above all, never transfer any money or divulge personal or financial information on the basis of a scam