Galway people more law-abiding than residents in Dublin, Limerick or Cork

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Residents in Galway are more law-abiding and less likely to be sent to prison than people in Dublin, Limerick or Cork.

New figures from the Irish Prison Service show that in Galway, just 94 residents were jailed per 100,000 people in 2019 – well below the Republic’s average of 132 per 100,000. report that only six counties exceeded the average rate: Limerick, Longford, Dublin, Louth, Carlow, and Laois.

Mayo was the most law-abiding county in the State with only 37 people jailed per 100,000. The next lowest were Donegal (51) Kerry (77), Kilkenny (77), and Roscommon (78).

Cork was just below average, with 123 residents imprisoned per 100,000 people.

Over 7,100 people were sent to jail in 2019 and nearly 88% of them were male – with only 894 women imprisoned.

Nearly three quarters of those imprisoned were Irish, almost 2% were from the UK, and a further 12% were from other EU countries.

Of those sent to jail, 36 were convicted of homicide offences and a further 187 of sex crimes.