Crime in Galway City falls by 17%

Galway Daily news Gardaí attend scene of cemetery brawl in Tuam

Crime in Galway City has fallen by 17% to the end of August this year, compared with the same period last year.

New statistics show that from January to August 2018, there were 856 fewer recorded crimes than last year, down to 4,183 from 5,039.

The number of recorded burglaries in Galway City remained virtually unchanged; 198 were recorded this year – just three more than last year.

There were 377 thefts from shops in that period this year, compared with 385 in 2017.

While shop thefts fell slightly, thefts from vehicles rose by 25% to 101.

Recorded drugs offences are also down though, with a 13% decrease in drugs supply offences (from 80 to 70), while 152 drug possession offences were recorded, a decrease of 7%.

To the end of August 2018, drugs worth €370,929 were seized.

€71,340 of cocaine, €48,616 of ecstasy, €160,189 of cannabis  and €18,375 worth of heroin was seized, as well as €72,409 of other unnamed drugs.

Assaults causing harm were down 13% to 61, while minor assaults rose by 31% to 187.

There were 399 public order offences, compared to 426 in the same period last year.

Speeding offences were down 18% to 1,436, and there were 109 recorded road accidents involving drunk drivers, the same number as last year.

The number of drivers caught without insurance nearly halved, from 241 until the end of August 2017, to 142 so far this year – and parking offences are also down, by 16%.