Most COVID patients in Galway hospitals receiving care in ICU


There are seven people with COVID-19 at University Hospital Galway as of 8pm yesterday evening, with five of those receiving care in the intensive care unit.

Meanwhile at Portiuncula Hospital in Ballinasloe there are two people being treated for COVID-19. Both confirmed COVID cases at Portiuncula are in ICU.

Across the hospitals in Galway, there are eight general beds available – all of which are at UHG. There are no ICU beds available at UHG as of 8pm on Friday, and two at Portiuncula.

The latest data shows that the Mater Hospital in Dublin has the most COVID-19 patients in the country with 13, followed by Tallaght and St. James’ which both have 12 and 11 confirmed cases respectively.

A total of 122 people with COVID-19 were in hospitals across the state when the data was taken at 8pm yesterday.