Median age of Galway’s Covid cases continues to rise

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The median age of coronavirus cases in Co. Galway has risen again in the latest data released by the CSO.

The median age of COVID19 cases in the county was 33 when the data was taken in the third week of January, up from 31 the week before.

At the beginning of December the median age of cases here was just 26.

Twelve more people in Galway died with Covid-19 during the same week in mid-January, taking the Covid death toll in the county to 53.

The median age of the 53 deaths reported was 80, with just two counties recording a lower median age of Covid deaths.

Galway continues to have the lowest median age of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ireland by four years, while Mayo has the joint-highest median age of cases.

Mayo has had almost twice the number of Covid deaths compared to Galway.