Galway has the youngest COVID cases in Ireland

galway daily news Just one COVID patient in the ICU at University Hospital Galway

The median age of confirmed Covid cases in Co. Galway is lower than anywhere else in the Republic, new CSO stats reveal.

The median age of all cases across the country since the start of the pandemic is 39.

But there are huge differences between the counties. In Galway the median age is 25 – by far the lowest in the country.

By contast, in Mayo the median age is much higher, at 47 – which is the highest in the state.

The new CSO data (28 February to 30 October) shows that from 2,333 confirmed cases in Galway, 17 people have died.

In Mayo, where the median age is almost double that of Galway, there have been 44 COVID deaths from just 1,179 cases.

The median age of the deaths in Galway is 81 and 82 in Mayo.

On 21 August, before students returned to schools and colleges, Galway also had the lowest median age in the country.

However on 21 August, the median age of cases in Galway was 39. In Mayo it was 54.

In just ten weeks since the end of August, the median age of cases across the State has dropped by seven years.

In these ten weeks from 21 August, there were 34,379 confirmed COVID cases and 125 confirmed COVID deaths.