COVID-19: Increase in ICU patients at UHG and Portiuncula

Galway daily news COVID-19 cases more than double at UHG

The number of COVI-19 patients in Intensive Care at both UHG and Portiuncula Hospital increased yesterday in the latest HSE figures.

There were 116 people hospitalised with COVID-19 at UHG as of 8pm Saturday, with another 8 known cases at Portiuncula.

There were 20 COVID patients in the ICU in Galway, with 3 at Portiuncula in Ballinasloe, and 17 at University Hospital Galway.

That is an increase of three patients on the previous day’s numbers, up from 15 at UHG and 2 at Portiuncula.

UHG had two Critical Care beds available as of Saturday night, while the ICU at Portiuncula was at full capacity.

University Hospital Galway had the fifth highest level of admissions nationwide, exceeded by UH Limerick (141), Cork UH (140), St. Vincent’s (136), and UH Waterford (123).

Nationwide, admissions continue to be extremely high despite the steadily declining number of daily cases, as the recent surge in numbers is presenting its toll in serious illnesses.

There were a total of 1,893 people in hospital with COVID-19 as of Saturday night, of whom 214 were in Intensive Care.

There 74 new cases reported in Galway yesterday, out of 1,910 nationwide. A further 77 deaths related to the disease were also notified.