COVID-19: Hospital cases remain level in Galway

Galway Daily news UHG is the second most overcrowded hospital in Ireland today

There are 32 COVID patients in Galway hospitals, as figures have remained largely unchanged in the past week.

As of Sunday night there were 22 confirmed cases at University Hospital Galway, and a further 10 at Portiuncula.

But there are more patients in Ballinasloe who are seriously ill, with four COVID patients in the ICU at Portiuncula, and three at UHG.

This is unchanged from the previous day, and just one patients more at each hospital’s ICU than a week before.

Even without a significant increase in COVID cases, both hospitals remain extremely busy, with no beds available at either ICU as of Sunday.

There were thirteen general beds available at University Hospital Galway in the latest figures from the HSE, but just one at Portiuncula.

Nationwide there were 576 confirmed cases in Irish hospitals as of Sunday night, of whom 117 are being treated in intensive care units.