COVID-19: 4,006 PCR cases and 5,212 positive antigen tests

Galway Daily news 25 percent drop in COVID cases in Galway hospitals

There have been a further 9,218 total cases of COVID-19 reported by health officials today, between pcr and antigen test results.

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre has notified 4,006 PCR confirmed cases today.

There have also been another 5,212 positive antigen test results registered through the HSE portal.

As of this morning there were 824 people in the country hospitalised with COVID, of whom 79 are in the ICU.

The COVID-19 data hub provides detailed information about the disease in the community, including the rollout of the booster campaign.

In the past week 127,422 lab test have been processed in the country, with 30.5% returning positive results.

A total of 2,657,959 booster vaccine doses have been administered as of Monday, with 4,002 given yesterday alone.