2 Covid deaths in Galway during first half of November

Galway daily news COVID-19 cases more than double at UHG

Two Covid-19 deaths were reported in Galway during the first two weeks of November, new CSO data shows.

The new statistics show on 13 November, the total number of Covid deaths in the county was 19 – an increase of two from the end of October.

The median age of the 19 confirmed Covid-19 deaths which occurred in Galway since March is 81.

When the data was recorded, there had been 2,544 cases in Galway, and the median age of these cases is 26. This is by far the lowest median age of cases in the Republic.

Only Dublin, Kildare and Cork recorded five or more Covid-19 deaths in the first two weeks of November, while 13 counties had not had a coronavirus death in the past 14 weeks.

Leitrim and Waterford have reported fewer than five deaths from the disease since the start of the pandemic.

The total number of people who have died from COVID-19 in the Republic is 1,721, with a further 251 deaths cited as probable deaths linked to the virus.

For the week ending 13 November, 27 deaths were recorded.