County Council pushes for road safety during All-Ireland hurling final

Galway daily news county council urges road safety for hurling fans tomorrow

Galway county council is urging drivers to stay safe on the road to Croke Park for the All-Ireland hurling final tomorrow with their ‘Get There, No Regrets’ campaign.

The council’s Road Safety Together Committee is urging hurling fans to watch their speed and share the road equally with others on their way to and from Dublin for finals on Sunday afternoon.

Hurling fans should make sure they leave with enough time to make it to the hurling final without having to speed, the campaign urges.

The All-Ireland minor and senior hurling finals are on tomorrow, Sunday August 19 at Croke Park.

The minors will take the field first with Galway v Kilkenny at 1pm, followed by the seniors Galway v Limerick at 3:30pm.

Deirdre Caufield, Road Safety Officer with the county council said: “On the hurling pitch, speed is a necessity. But excessive and inappropriate speed on the road is just not ‘fair play’.”

“Apart from the obvious risk of causing injury and death, it also creates distress leading to people feeling unsafe as they walk or cycle on our roads. Lets all work together to make our roads safer.”

And it’s not just speeding that drivers are asked to avoid, but any kind of erratic driving like dangerous overtaking or following too close to the car in front of you that might come of not leaving enough time for the trip.

“This is another opportunity to remind hurling fans about their road safety responsibilities. Fans should ensure the enjoyment of the game is not followed by tragedy on the roads.” Deirdre concluded.

For those not headed to Dublin, the ‘Big Screen’ is making its return to Eyre Square tomorrow where thousands of fans are expected to gather to watch the hurling final.

Last year the Tribesmen took home both titles and everyone is hoping to see history repeat itself on Sunday