Council urged to install free drinking water fountains in City

water fountain

Galway City Council has been urged to provide free drinking water fountains in parts of Galway.

The Green Party’s candidate for Galway West Pauline O’Reilly says that several Dublin councils are planning to install public water fountains in order to cut down on single use plastics.

She believes that in Galway, water fountains like these would help to stop people buying single use, disposable plastic water bottles, which all too often end up in our rivers and oceans.

“Any parent who has ever had to buy water or juice drinks for a family on a day out knows this doesn’t come cheap. The European Commission estimates providing water fountains would save households across Europe €600 million per year.

“As well as reducing plastic waste and saving money for local households, this would provide a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.

“Our council can help by getting on board this initiative. I strongly urge Galway City Council to provide free drinking water fountains in central parts of Galway,” she said.