Council rejects application to retain Pearse Stadium signs

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An application by the Galway County Board to retain four independent advertising signs at Pearse Stadium has been rejected.

Galway GAA sought retention permission from the city council for several signs which were erected at the Eastern Terrace End of Pearse Stadium late last year.

The signs were put up in August of last year and a complaint was made to the council by the local residents shortly afterwards.

Residents of Rockbarton Road, Rockabarton Green, and Reveagh Road made a joint objection to the city council against this application.

The objectors said that the signs were put up without permission and are against conditions laid down by the council restricting the size and positioning of signage at Pearse Stadium.

The signs as they are have a negative visual impact on locals residents according to the objection, overshadowing neighbouring houses during the evening.

“The purpose of these signs from the applicants point of view is to gain commercially through sale of advertising,” they said.

“This can be achieved by placing the signs elsewhere within the stadium grounds in a position not visible from the Rockbarton Road/Dr Manix Road or elsewhere outside the stadium.

The city council ultimately rejected the County Board’s application to keep the signs up.