Coronavirus: 10 more Covid-19 deaths and 3 new Galway cases

Galway Daily news 25 percent drop in COVID cases in Galway hospitals

Another 10 deaths connected to Covid-19 have been reported today, the same amount as on Wednesday, and the lowest figure seen since late March.

An additional three confirmed cases of Covid-19 have also been reported in Galway today, bringing the total in the county to 405 cases.

Galway remains at the lower end of the scale, accounting for just 1.7% of cases nationally, as it has for much of this crisis.

The national death toll from this pandemic has now reached 1,506 people with the denotification of 1 death.

In total the HPSC has been newly notified of 426 confirmed cases of Covid-19 as of today. But 223 of the cases reported today are historical cases which have already been managed clinically, and only recently notified to the HPSC.

This still leaves an additional 203 new confirmed cases today, with the total number of cases in the state now standing at

Professor Philip Nolan, Chair of the NPHET Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group, said “All indicators of the spread of Covid-19 are decreasing.”

“These indicators include “the average number of cases per day, number of people in hospital and ICU, admissions to ICU and number of reported deaths per day,” he added.

“This is reinforced by our estimate reproduction number which is currently stable between 0.4 and 0.6.

“We will be monitoring this figure and the overall number of infections in the population very closely over the coming weeks.”

Ireland is due to begin lifting the restrictions imposed for the Covid-19 pandemic next Monday, but the government’s roadmap for reopening the country is dependent on cases continuing to decline.

Today’s data from the HPSC, as of midnight, Tuesday 12 May (23,259 cases), reveals:

  • 57% are female and 42% are male
  • the median age of confirmed cases is 48 years
  • 3,053 cases (13%) have been hospitalised
  • of those hospitalised, 387 cases have been admitted to ICU
  • 7,123 cases are associated with healthcare workers
  • Dublin has the highest number of cases at 11,308 (49% of all cases) followed by Kildare with 1,348 cases (6%) and then Cork with 1,249 cases (5%)
  • of those for whom transmission status is known: community transmission accounts for 60%, close contact accounts for 37%, travel abroad accounts for 3%