Conference at NUI Galway to discuss need for more investment in regional cities


A conference on improving the growth of regional cities like Galway instead of focusing investment in the Dublin area will take place at NUI Galway this week.

The conference is being organised by NUIG’s Whitaker Institute for its Annual Research Day and will address how to balance economic growth regionally and reduce depopulation in the west of Ireland.

Professor Alan Ahearne, Director of the Whitaker Institute, says that while Ireland has recovered from the recession our economy is too heavily centred on Dublin.

“The Irish economy has experienced a remarkable recovery over recent years, but current trends in patterns of regional growth are not sustainable.

“Greater, smarter investment is needed in smaller cities such as Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford to narrow the gap between Dublin and the rest of the country.

“We need to invest in infrastructure, in new technologies, and above all, in the skills and talent of our people.”

The Whitaker Institute is a research body at NUIG which looks at the challenges facing business Irish businesses and society, both at home and internationally.

Ireland’s population is set to increase by a million people by 2040 and issues like urban sprawl, congestion, and commuting will be serious concerns when planning future developments.

The keynote address of the day will be given by Professor Edgar Morgenroth from DCU’s Business School at noon on ‘The Economics of Spatial Planning’.

The conference will take place this Thursday April 19th in NUIG’s Hardiman Research Building, attendance is free but attendees must register in adavance.