Colourful displays of hope and joy spring up in Ballinasloe

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Colourful displays of positive messages have sprung up in Ballinasloe in an attempt to raise spirits as the local community faces their second Easter mid-term in lockdown.

The Feel Good Project in the town has displayed uplifting words such as hope, joy and family on brightly coloured flowers and hearts, aiming to remind them that they are not alone.

The displays at the Marina have had a positive impact as people walk, jog and drive by within their 5km radius, and photos shared online have reminded those away from home of their loved ones and connections.

Cllr Dr Evelyn Parsons, who took part in the project, said that the messages highlight our shared connection and human values of Hope, Courage, Love, Family, Faith and Joy.

“It’s an initiative I’m extremely proud to work on with Independent Senator Keogan and several other Independent councillors throughout the country,” said Cllr Parsons.

“It’s a tough time for many who cannot see their family or friends or indeed attend their place of worship.

“It’s nice to see people taking photos at this beautiful Marina in Ballinasloe town and sharing the images with their friends and family.”

The Independent councillor said that it is especially a joy to see children loving the vibrancy of the simple messages, helping them to make sense of what is happening.

“Help is coming by way of vaccination and we will meet each other again but for now we must reach out in a different way,” added Cllr Parsons.

“The feedback is overwhelmingly positive – it’s much appreciated by the local community young and old as they hold firm on restrictions again this Easter.”