Claregalway housing estate gets the go ahead

Galway Daily news Planning appeal over 91 houses & apartments in Athenry

The County Council has granted planning permission for a housing estate in Claregalway with 39 units.

K King Construction had submitted plans to build an estate at Summerfield, Claregalway.

The application included two 4-bed semi-detached houses, twenty two 3-bed semi-detached houses, three 3-bed terraced houses, and twelve 2-bed terraced houses.

Permission was granted despite objections from the adjacent River Oaks estate and nearby areas in Claregalway.

The Residents Association of River Oaks, which said that the storm drains in the area are already insufficient, and that the estate regularly floods, which they say this new development will make worse.

They said that no insurer will guarantee the homes that already exist in the area.

But a Flood Risk screening assessment prepared by the developer says the entire site is in a Low Flood Risk zone.

Concerns were also expressed about the lack of recreational facilities included in the design, and health and safety risks from the increased traffic it will bring to the area.

The new development will be accessed through the existing entrance to River Oaks estate.

Galway County Council made a request for further information which required that a Road Safety Audit be carried a qualified engineer, taking vulnerable persons and heavy vehicles into consideration.

As this development is inside the Gaeltacht area, K King Construction also had to submit a Linguistic Impact Statement.

Eight of the houses in the estate will be reserved for Irish speaking residents in the community for the next 15 years.

A further four of the units are reserved for Social Housing or affordable housing under Pat V of the Planning Act.

Galway county council gave permission for the Claregalway housing development to go ahead with 16 conditions attached.