City Councillor says traffic lights making the problem worse

Galway daily news Traffic lights at UHG out of action until next week

Galway City Councillor Alan Cheevers has called for a review of the city traffic lights amid claims they are making congestion worse.

The city east councillor has said that many traffic lights in the city “are not sequenced properly, or working to their full capacity”.

“I have seen in my own area, it has become chaos at peak times especially at the junction at Roscam and Doughiska onto Dublin road where the traffic is backed up because of lights interchange time from green to red is not working to its capacity.”

He added that this can result in a “Short time for cars on green, letting maybe three to four cars through, then delays on red. This seems to be the case on many areas of city.”

The Fianna Fáil councillor said that there needs to be a person on Traffic Control in Galway City Centre at all times to

Looking to the future councillor Cheevesr said that with “the outer ring roads many years away let’s get traffic lights working to their full capacity.”