Brothers of Charity granted approval for new special needs school

Galway Daily news Brothers of Charity granted approval for special needs school in Renmore

The Brothers of Charity have been granted approval for the constructions of a new special needs school in Renmore.

Planning permission was sought to build a new school as a replacement for the existing Rosedale school for children with special needs.

Planning documents state that the school will consist of a single storey building with a floor space of 3,640m².

It will contain 14 classrooms, specialist classrooms, therapy rooms, student dining areas, a medical suite and administrative facilities.

A general purpose hall, kitchen, and laundry facilities are also included to fully address the needs of the students.

The school will serve children aged 5 to 18 with “severe and profound learning disabilities” within the grounds of the Brothers of Charity’s Woodlands Centre in Renmore.

The existing Rosedale school will remain functional throughout the construction period, with students transferring over once it is completed.

An Appropriate Assessment Screening report prepared for this development declared that it would not impact on the Galway Bay Special Area of Conservation.

The Woodlands Centre campus is already home to a number of services run by the Brothers of Charity aside from Rosedale school.

The existing Rosedale school operates under a partnership between the Brothers of Charity and the Department of Education where each student has an ‘Individual Education Plan’ based on the abilities and learning objectives.

It’s not expected that this development will impact traffic in the area in any significant way as the majority of students at Rosedale arrive by specialised buses.

For that reason the plans include a drop off point which has room for eight mini-buses at any one time.

The school is designed to operated in two main sections, one for pre-school pupils and one for students up through secondary level which will be connected by common areas and shared facilities.

The building is designed in a U shape with a central, landscaped courtyard which provides a calm space for pupils.

A two metre high boundary wall will surround the new site as “The pupils of Rosedale are particularly vulnerable and it is essential to ensure that they are provided with a safe and secure environment”.

Other amenities to be included in the new school include a fenced play area and a sensory garden which will also play a role in the children’s education.

Galway city council granted planning permission with 14 conditions attached.