Boil Water Notice issued for Cleggan/Claddaghduff.

Galway Daily news Kinvara Boil Water Notice

A Boil Water Notice has been issued for people living in the Cleggan and Claddaghduff areas after a breakdown at the treatment plant.

The Boil Water Notice covers roughly 500 people living in the area of Rusheen; Aughrus beg; Gannoughs; Aughrus More; Patches; Emlagh; Grallagh; Leagaun; Rossadillisk; Attigoddaun; Mooreen; Trean; Claddaghduff; Cleggan and surrounding areas.

The Trean and Emlough Group Water Schemes are also impacted by this notice.

The notice has been put in place as a precaution following a mechanical breakdown at the water treatment plant according to Irish Water.

Drinking water compliance and operational experts are working with colleagues in Galway County Council to resolve the issue the agency said.

In the meantime residents of the affected areas are advised to boil their water before usage.

Any water that is being used for drinking, in the preparation of food that will not be cooked before eating (i.e salads), brushing teeth, or preparing baby formula should be boiled first.

It’s not necessary to boil water that’s for bathing or watering plants, though when bathing an infant extra care should be taken to ensure the child doesn’t swallow any water.

Irish water advises that standard domestic water filters will not be able to purify the affected water.