Two Door Cinema Club shocked at asylum seekers hidden on Galway tour truck

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The Irish band Two Door Cinema Club have talked about how shocked they were to find that three asylum seekers had stowed away on their tour truck to Galway International Arts Festival.

Three young Sudanese asylum seekers, one 20 year old man and two 16 year olds, were found hidden on a truck down by the Big Top at Fisheries Field last Wednesday, July 24 during the early afternoon.

It’s understood that the men had stowed away on the truck in France and were hidden in it for days as it made its way to Ireland for the GIAF.

In a series of posts on twitter Two Door Cinema Club said that they were shocked that this had happened, but expressed their hope that these men will be welcomed here in Ireland.

“When we arrived in Galway on Friday, 3 young men: two 16 year olds and a 20 year old, came out from the spare tyre compartment in the undercarriage of our truck.”

“These young men were from Sudan and we struggled to completely understand each other but what we can gather is they got into the truck somewhere in France and had stayed hidden through hundreds of miles of driving and an 18 hour ferry crossing.”

Gardaí were called to the scene and are investigating the incident with Interpol, and the National Immigration Bureau are processing them.

The band said that they have been told the men were treated well by immigration officers and that they hope they will find more compassion.

“There is so much hate out there directed towards asylum seekers like these three men and it breaks my fucking heart. We need more compassion and empathy, not less.”

“I can’t even begin to imagine the journey that these young men have undertaken or the lives they’ve left behind. I feel helpless and sad but also hope. Hope that they’ll be accepted by the awesome people of Galway”.