Sheep has her second set of sextuplets in Athenry

Galway Daily news Sheep in Athenry gives birth to second set of sextuplets

One exhausted mother sheep has given birth to sextuplets in Athenry for the second time.

The sheep at the Teagasc centre in Athenry gave birth to six lambs last year, and Teagasc have said she’s repeated the feat this year.

Three of the newborn lambs are males and three are females.

Each of the babies weighs between 2.7 and 4.7 kg, and they and their mum are reported to be doing well.

Teagasc have said that while the Belclare breed are known to be prolific, this is highly unusual.

This latest birth means the in the past four years this ewe has given birth to 20 lambs.


photo: Teagasc/twitter