Astonishing photos of car in Corrib

Galway News - Astonishing photos of car in the Corrib

Car in Corrib – A silver hatchback has been dragged out of the Corrib after passersby spotted the vehicle in the river at around 9:30 this morning.

According to gardaí, no one was in the car when it entered the river from the Long Walk in Galway City some time last night.

Galway Fire Service, Galway Lifeboat, and other emergency services used a Port of Galway crane to pull the car out, successfully removing it at 4pm this afternoon.

The guards do not suspect foul play and have already contacted the vehicle’s owner.

Galway Lifeboat tweeted incredible images of the entire procedure, which show the car submerged in the middle of the Corrib – nearly halfway to the Claddagh.

They commented: “Well done to all involved”.

Check out Galway Lifeboat’s photos in all their glory:

Car submerged in the Corrib on February 25, 2019
Man rescuing car from the Corrib
Galway emergency services acting to rescue the vehicle from the river
Passersby and emergency services gather on the Long Walk to watch the car as it is dragged from the Corrib