Plans for 23 houses at Ardrahan rejected over wastewater concerns

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Plans for a residential development of 23 houses at Ardrahan have been rejected by the county council.

The project would have involved the demolition of an agricultural building on the site and the construction of 23 detached houses.

It was proposed that the site would be served by a shared wastewater disposal facility, which caused some concern among local parties.

The developer said that the wastewater disposal system would be designed and installed by Molloy Prescast, with whom the developer also intended to secure a 20 year maintenance plan.

Parkmore Environmental Services prepared a report on behalf of the Ardrahan Group Water Scheme which noted that the intended discharge point for treated wastewater from the development was close to several boreholes used by the GWS.

It raised concerns about the possible contamination of drinking water from runoff, noting that the karst landscape in the are makes it difficult to predict in what direction water will flow.

The report also noted that while the planning application stated that would be a 20 year agreement between the developer and Molloy Precast to maintain the system, at present only a three year contract existed.

In response to some of these issues Hydro-G, which surveyed the site on behalf of the developer, said that the development was fully compliant with EPA separation guidelines.

Their response also said that topographic references made by Parkmore in relation to the flow of groundwater were false.

In making its decision to refuse permission for these houses the county council said that not enough information was provided about the proposed communal wastewater system, its “adequate installation and operation” and a guarantee of “long term management and maintenance”.

Without that the council said that it could not be satisfied “that the development would not be prejudicial to public health”.