Approval given for special needs housing development at Mountbellew

Galway daily news

Planning permission has been granted for a housing development at Mountbellew for the elderly or people with other special needs.

The Mountbellew Voluntary Homes Association has been given approval by the county council to build four terraced house and one detached house at Treanrevagh, Mountbellew.

This is the second time an application for sheltered housing has been made for this site after a similar development was approved in 2009, and an extension of duration granted in 2014.

As that permission has now expired a completely new application had to be made in order to continue the development.

In response to a request for further information about the intended management and occupation of these five homes from the county council, the Mountbellew VHA said that they have been “funded and designed specifically for those with special needs”.

The project has received funding from the government’s Capital Assistance Scheme for voluntary homes for those with additional needs such as the elderly or people with limited mobility.

“The responsibility for the maintenance of the semi-private spaces and greater public spaces will be borne by the Housing Association whilst the proposed reduced private open spaces are intended to be more manageable for the occupants.”

“In relation to car parking, it would not be envisaged that there would not be any more than 1 no. car space required per unit, whilst the surplus spaces are intended for use by visitors & carers.”

The plans submitted contain eight car parking spaces in total, including one disabled space.

The county council granted planning permission with a total of 17 conditions attached.

Among those it is stipulated that these units must remain in the ownership of the Mountbellew VHA, and can only be occupied by people and their carers in accordance with the information submitted with the planning application.