Almost 1km of leaky water mains replaced in Ahascragh

Galway Daily news Water outages in multiple north Galway areas

Almost a kilometre of problematic water mains in Ahascragh have been replaced in an effort to cut down on frequent leaks and bursts.

Irish Water and Galway County Council replaced 850m of pipes on the L74151 road in the east Galway village.

The old and leaky mains were replaced with modern high density polyethylene (plastic) pipes.

Commenting on the project Dave Murphy of Irish Water said “This mains replacement work is part of a significant investment by Irish Water to upgrade the water network in Galway”.

He added that “we would like to thank the local customers for their cooperation and patience while we completed this essential job.”

The works were part of Irish Water’s National Leakage Reduction Programme, which aims to invest €500 million in reducing leakage by 2021.