16 myths in 16 days – COPE Galway tackles myths around domestic abuse

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In ’16 Days of Action’ COPE Galway is tackling some of the most common myths surrounding domestic abuse.

Each day from November 26 to December 10 COPE will release a blog that will dispel a different misconception that has sprung up around domestic abuse.

On top of tackling specific myths, the blog posts are meant to raise awareness about the larger issue of domestic abuse and help people being abused find support.

Service Manager Dr Carol Baumann, explains, “We want to dispel some of the common myths we see and hear on a daily basis.”

“A woman often blames herself for abuse, or might see herself as a ‘strong, capable’ person who would never allow herself to be abused.”

“The daily blogs we’ve planned will challenge ideas around, for example, abuse being part of certain cultures, or that a woman should have left an abusive spouse by now.”

COPE Galway Domestic Abuse Service is also producing a safety planning leaflet which contains vital information to assist a woman to plan for her safety in an abusive situation.

The safety leaflet will be launched on 10th December, International Human Rights Day and the final day of the International 16 Days of Action campaign.

Some of the topics covered by these blogs so far include myths around what constitutes abuse and understanding that an abuser will always find a reason to hurt people.

Demand has never been higher for COPE Galway’s Domestic Abuse Service as last year saw a 60% increase in the number of single people seeking their help.

Because of the massively increased demand the charity was unable to accommodate 285 women with 441 children at their shelter.

But in a step forward for protecting the victims of domestic abuse COPE recently announced that the former Mercy Convent on Forster Street will be converted into a refuge for woman and children seeking shelter from domestic abuse.