What Does The Future Hold For The Sportsground Greyhound Track?


The Sportsground, which is also known as the Galway Greyhound Stadium and the Galway Sportsgrounds is a multi-purpose sports stadium located in Galway, Ireland. The stadium opened its doors to the public in 1927 with a football match marking the historic opening. 

Since then, the Sportsground has been used as the host for Connacht Rugby and greyhound racing events. Currently, it is used as a training ground by Connacht Rugby, which also happens to be the same place where all level Rugby matches are held. 

The ground is also home to greyhound racing every Friday and Saturday evenings during which spectators are treated to a spectacle of greyhound dogs racing for the top prize. Back in 2018, Connacht Rugby announced the historic redevelopment of the Sportsground.

This is in an effort to make it more modern and fit for present-day rugby matches and greyhound racing. With the redevelopment underway, greyhound racing, which is among the sports that will benefit from the changes, already has a promising future as explained below.

Increased Popularity

Connacht Rugby is growing in popular with each year that passes by. And it holds most of its activities at the Sportsground Greyhound track, the same venue for numerous greyhound racing events. With greyhound sharing the same venue with a famous team, it goes without saying that its popularity will increase.

Now that the team is under the process of redeveloping the stadium, the event’s popularity will increase even further. Once the process is over, the Sportsground will have a capacity of 12,000 spectators, which means there will be enough space to accommodate more people. 

The proposed reparation will deliver state-of-the-art facilities in the stadium and this will enhance the experience of spectators. In addition to this, the revamped facilities will benefit dog breeders and owners as well as make the ground more ideal and friendly to the dogs.

 Developed facilities are more likely to attract people to a particular place and this will be no different for the Sportsground whose development will increase the number of people visiting the facility. In turn, this will reciprocate to more people being interested in greyhound racing. 

More Betting Opportunities

While greyhound racing has been taking place for quite some time now, its popularity in betting sites is still limited. Partially, this is because the sport is not present in many countries. It is only legal in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Australia, Vietnam, Mexico, and Ireland.

Even in some of these localities, it is in the decline. In some jurisdictions like Ireland, greyhound racing is on the rise and moving into the future, punters can look forward to more thrilling action during greyhound events. 

Just like football or horse racing which is common in almost every other bookmaker, greyhound racing will soon become available in many casinos with time. Already the number of sites that offer greyhound betting is on an upward trend. 

While the sport may not enjoy the same popularity enjoyed by leading international sports like cricket and football, punters can rest assured that it will not be hard to find a good online casino that offers greyhound betting. 

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Bookmakers may also come up with more greyhound bet types since the available ones are a bit limited. With the track where the sport is held gaining popularity, it is fair that bettors are given broad bet options to consider. This will make betting on the sport more interesting. 

Economic Growth

The Sportsground is primarily famous for Connacht Rugby and greyhound racing. Even after the development phase is over, the two will remain the main events in this stadium. In the future, the stadium will be open to other sporting events and fixtures whenever demand arises.

Making the Sportsground a modern stadium with world-class facilities will attract additional sporting events. The capacity is also big enough for local events, which makes it an ideal venue for other activities besides rugby and greyhound racing.

The stadium is also strategically placed, which further increases the ideality of the Sportsground. As a multi-use facility, the stadium will have the capability of acting as the region’s beacon for development and an excellent driver for social and economic growth. 

The stadium will be commercially viable and a well-regulated greyhound breeding and racing track with a value-led and exciting entertainment experience. By delivering this, the number of spectators at the stadium will increase, helping the track gain more popularity. 

The increase will contribute to more revenue collection from the sale of tickets and other activities. Again, once the development of the facility is over, the stadium will create additional job opportunities, making it a significant employer in Ireland. 

More personnel will be required to help with ticket sales, managing the huge crowds, offering health services and attending to other duties around the stadium. Such activities will create employment positions for more people. 

The stadium will also have enough capacity to accommodate additional dog breeders or owners, enabling those interested in the sport to take part without the fear of overcrowding.Additional participants will reciprocate to higher revenue. 


Greyhound racing is a popular sport in Ireland that is gradually gaining popularity in online casinos as more sites include it as part of their sports betting offerings. Greyhound races are mainly held in the Sportsground, a stadium that is currently being redeveloped.

The reparation will give the facility a more modern and befitting appeal. Once complete, the stadium will offer an impressive entertaining experience to spectators and dog owners. The track will be friendlier to the greyhound dogs taking part in the races. 

The track’s future is a bright one considering that its redevelopment announcement made its popularity widely known. The addition of greyhound betting in online casino also promises a more successful future for the Sportsground.