What should you do this week? | Horoscopes | 31 May 2018


Your star sign horoscope – every Thursday on Galway Daily.

Mar 21 – Apr 20

Life is all about the journey and not the destination. Remember that as you go into this weekend, and try to relax in unexpected situations that might arise. There is light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes you just have to wait.

Lucky numbers: 7, 19, 34

Apr 21 – May 21

Try to remain a beacon of light even in a dark cave. Radiate positivity and those around you will feel the benefits. Everything comes back around again – energy is cyclical. Instead of blaming everything around you, be the change you want to see.

Lucky numbers: 5, 17,11

May 22 – Jun 22

There might be conflict on the horizon, but sometimes conflict can heal a relationship. A long-lasting peace will follow an honest truce, and reconciliation is as important as peace. Life is short, so reach out if stubbornness is holding you back in some aspect of your life.

Lucky numbers: 1, 2, 38

Jun 23 – Jul 23

The summertime brings happiness and sadness, and it is important to go with the flow and ride it out. Life is ups and downs and eventually everything evens out. Take note of this in the next seven days, and remember to stay present in this moment, as the present is all that exists.

Lucky numbers: 55, 22, 35

Jul 24 – Aug 23

Weather changes may change your personality, and remember that with sunshine comes great responsibility. Stay relaxed and don’t get too carried away. There is a steep edge on every cliff and every high has a low. Keep balanced.

Lucky numbers: 10, 16, 25

Aug 24 – Sep 23

There are changes coming, perhaps in the form of a trip. Try to remain calm while preparing for the trip or journey. Challenges may present themselves but with a present mind, small problems will remain small problems and won’t get blown out of proportion.

Lucky numbers: 16, 7, 23

Sep 24 – Oct 23

Try to spice things up in the next seven days, do something that scares you. The only way to grow is to put yourself in uncomfortable situations, and growth is important. Visualise doing something great and take steps in the next week towards that end.

Lucky numbers: 99, 4, 26

Oct 24 – Nov 22

Politics is sometimes overbearing – whether party politics or social politics. Dynamics are always shifting, but remember that sometimes change is good. Take flight and don’t look back.

Lucky numbers: 10, 11, 14

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 – Dec 21

The Beatles released Magical Mystery Tour 50 years ago. All You Need is Love – the last song on the album – starts with the French national anthem. Take that with you this week. Vivre sa vie.

Lucky numbers: 9, 6, 27

Dec 22 – Jan 20

Life is always changing, even if you don’t realise it. Keep still and look around for changes and remember that life can only be analysed looking back. If there is one motto you should carry with you this week it is this: until victory, always.

Lucky numbers: 66, 43, 24

Jan 21 – Feb 19

England and Ireland are near each other but very different in many ways, with a long, difficult past. Sometimes the closest friends are the greatest enemies. Don’t let their proximity fool you – you don’t have 800 years to figure this out. But sometimes, a long peace process leads to a strongest relationships.

Lucky numbers: 11, 16, 83

Feb 20 – Mar 20

Good things are on their way. Remember to stay present and positive and to remain calm. The best things happen to the most level people and there are great things on the horizon. Go towards it.

Lucky numbers: 2, 7, 19