Online Businesses Continue to Boom in Galway

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The switch to doing business online shows no sign of slowing down in Galway, with the latest figures showing that the city continues to dominate the internet scene in the province of Connacht. What type of website is now popular here and what benefits does this online boom bring to the local residents?

What Do the Numbers Say?

The IE Domain Profile Report for the first six months of 2022 confirms that 2,352 websites in Connacht were registered during that period. More than half of that total were located in Galway, with a total of 1,236 new sites reported for the city.

This represented a 6.6% increase in the number of new sites that were created in Galway in 2019. If we go back to 2018, the figures for the first half of the year were slightly higher than in 2022, with over 1,300 new sites created.

What Types of Sites Are Popular?

If we look at the main keywords used in the new websites, it doesn’t reveal a lot of information about what services or products they provide. This is because the main words used are Galway, Irish and Ireland.

However, when looking for examples, we can see sites such as Made in Galway, which lets visitors from all around the world see the finest products made in Galway, such as fashion, jewellery and foods. This provides a handy portal where many of the region’s finest products are gathered together neatly.

The online gambling business continues to grow too. This online casino Ireland site shows the kind of games selection offered, with live dealer titles along with a big selection of slots and traditional table games. The latest releases section confirms that this type of site continues to grow, with new games like Monster Truck Madness and Rise of the Genie.

Another example of the growth and usefulness of online resources can be seen at the Atlantic Technological University site, which gives visitors information and advice on careers and university study options. It uses cutting-edge AI technology as well as human interaction to provide comprehensive online consultations and mock interviews that can be accessed conveniently at any time.

The Oranhill Park website is an interesting example of how communities can set up their own website to show the world their ideas for a better future. This website was created using Squarespace by residents in Oranmore who are campaigning for a new public park to be created in their village. It’s thought that Galway County Council is taking the proposals into account, and the website is sure to be helpful in putting forward the residents’ case.

What Does the Future Hold?

While most of the major businesses in Galway already have a website offering their services or showing what products they sell, these examples show that online business continues to grow as companies find new ways to go online and provide a better service to their customers.

The number of local websites should carry on growing as more new schemes and initiatives are created, giving us interesting new sites to visit.