A New Way To Earn Money in Freelancing? JumpTask Review


Have you ever thought about trying freelance work to earn money? Even if it’s only getting you income on the side while you keep your full-time job or studies. The idea sounds great.

The problem is that traditional freelancing usually demands specific skills or knowledge. You have to be proficient in a particular skill before earning anything. But what if there was another way to start earning on the side?

In case you haven’t heard, micro jobs are becoming increasingly popular. There is also a new micro freelancing platform, JumpTask, claiming to provide a more beginner-friendly approach to the gig economy.

Let’s see what this platform is all about and if you should try it! We will also look at whether it has any advantages over traditional freelancing platforms. 

What Is JumpTask?

JumpTask provides simple tasks to gig workers globally. Anyone can complete all jobs without significant time commitments. The platform also offers a unique payment system using its own cryptocurrency – JumpToken (JMPT).

Although the platform is still new, it has already started to gain attention. JumpTask was launched in 2022 and right now has 1M+ active users globally. Let’s see how to get started in earning money for tasks.

How To Get Started?

Getting started is easy: you only need one thing to start. You will need a crypto wallet to create an account, for example, WalletConnect. Don’t have one? No stress – a new wallet is created automatically when you use social logins. After that, you can start earning JumpTokens. These can be later exchanged into fiat currency if you wish.

The registration process of JumpTask is straightforward, which is helpful. However, the website could use some updating, specifically the web design and navigation. Nevertheless, JumpTask shared on Twitter that their team is currently working on website updates.

What Tasks Can I Do?

JumpTask offers multiple ways to earn JMPT for beginner freelancers. More advanced gig workers might miss more complicated projects with higher rewards. However, as mentioned in their whitepaper, JumpTask will add more earning types in the future.

One way to earn money on JumpTask is by sharing internet bandwidth. That’s right. First, you can download Honeygain, which is a passive income app partnering with JumpTask. Next, let it run in the background of your smartphone or laptop. And that’s it – you are now collecting JMPT.

Another way to get paid in crypto – Offerwalls – involves completing simple micro tasks. These include watching exciting videos, downloading and trying the latest apps, and solving puzzles. Offerwalls is another interesting way to boost your JumpToken earnings. 

One more option for you to try is called Surveys. The name of the earning type is self-explanatory: you get paid for sharing your opinion! You will be asked some pre-qualifying questions before completing surveys, but the method is something you would want to try.

How to Earn More?

There are ways to get JMPT beyond completing tasks. In truth, you won’t become a crypto millionaire with micro tasks. Thankfully, JumpTask does not make such empty promises. You can certainly earn $50 or more per month, but that depends on the number of tasks completed.

Increasing your income on JumpTask is possible with crypto staking. Not sure what that is? It works like your regular savings account in a bank: you receive interest for your deposit. In our case, you collect JumpToken rewards for your existing JMPT holdings. This is another passive income option to maximize your returns on JumpTask. 

JumpTask Versus Traditional Freelancing

You might have heard about established freelancing platforms like Fiverr, which offer various gigs. However, JumpTask has several advantages over traditional players.

First, JumpTask provides micro jobs that are easy to complete. Therefore, people can manage their time on JumpTask with other commitments such as work or studying. This is different from traditional freelancing, where significant time investment is required.

Second, micro freelancers save a lot of money due to crypto payments in JMPT. The transaction fees are minimal as JumpTask is based on a blockchain. That is not the case on traditional platforms, where freelancers lose money on fund transfers using PayPal or other providers.

Final Words

After reviewing JumpTask, we can say that the platform offers a unique approach to freelancing. It focuses on micro tasks and crypto payments, which bring flexibility and cost-efficiency to gig workers.

There is room for improvement in their website user experience and task offers. Nevertheless, JumpTask is still new, and the project is constantly being upgraded.

All in all, JumpTask is an option worth checking if you are looking for your first step into freelancing.