Why Electric Scooters are taking over Galway & Ireland?


Electric scooters are increasingly preferred when it comes to short-distance travel and running errands. The rise in scooter popularity is down to a micro-mobility surge, increased availability, and environmental reasons. E-scooters use less energy, charge quickly, and are fun to ride.

Electric scooters can ride down the pavement or in a bicycle lane at 25km per hour depending on the rules of the road in your area. Modern scooters are fitted with wireless connectivity and GPS trackers making life simpler.

They are easier to operate compared to bikes and fuel-based scooters. The motorized scooter is preferable for short trips both within cities and for off-road adventures.  

Most importantly, the scooters are more affordable than motorbikes, or cars.

Are Electric Scooters Legal in Galway in 2022?

Yes. Electric scooters are legal in every town and city in Ireland, including Galway. The cabinet approved a regulation on electric scooters in 2021 under the Traffic and Roads Bill 2021.

You don’t need a license to use scooters in Galway, or across Ireland. You can ride your battery-powered scooter without fear once you abide by the rules of the road and respect other motorists. 

You can ride one in the bicycle lane to allow pedestrians to navigate the pathways safely. It’s always good practice to check the city or town’s road regulations before riding your scooter on the pavement.

Information on regulations for e-scooter riders is due to be confirmed by the Irish government in the latter half of 2022. This follows legislation passed in 2021 for the legalisation of E-Scooter use on Irish roads. 

Where to buy a scooter in Galway today?

Si Scooters Ireland is an Irish-owned store that sells electric scooters and serves all counties on the island including Galway. You can order an electric scooter online via their easy-to-use e-commerce store and have your order delivered the following working day. 

The Si Scooters shop gives you full access to a range of electric scooters and quick next-day delivery service. The online shopping service is applauded by customers for being efficient and convenient. The order process is easy, cart your preferred scooter if the price is right then click okay to secure the item and finish the transaction. 

Scooters Ireland stocks a variety of scooter brands and models like XIAOMI, Kugoo and OKAI, and has a reliable instant chat feature. The customer support team answers all your questions promptly and satisfactorily, morning, afternoon or evening. 

What is an E-scooter exactly?

Scooters are an increasingly preferred means of transport as a cheaper alternative to public transportation and a good way to reduce car usage. Some have wireless connectivity and a corresponding app giving riders more control over their vehicle. 

Cities and towns in Ireland including Galway are implementing geofencing technology to increase safety and prevent accident risks with vehicles. For example, some sensors detect riding on pavements and reduce pavement clutter.

E-scooters are classified as powered personnel transporters and can be used in public areas without the need for insurance or a driving license. They complement public transportation and are not a replacement. Scooters are ideal for short-distance travel to and from work, school or to run every day errands. 

Pros and cons of electric scooters?

Electric scooters have become quite popular over the years thanks to the many benefits they offer the rider. Although motor scooters are popular and have many advantages over traditional petrol powered vehicles, they have their shortcomings too.


  • Easier to use; convenient option over a short distance
  • Riders don’t need insurance or a driver’s license to use a scooter on the road
  • Low emission of greenhouse gases and less noise pollution
  • Low operating cost as is energy-efficient
  • Fun to ride and easy to park
  • Time-saving as it’s easy to zip through traffic


  • Battery problems or overcharging cause unplanned stops
  • Scooters depreciate more quickly than traditional vehicles 
  • Only convenient for short travel 
  • Prone to theft
  • Prone to accidents when safety precautions not followed

How fast can motorized scooters go?

The average speed of motorized scooters today is 42km/h for adults. However, most electric scooters bear a top speed of 25 – 45 km/h.

There are scooter brands and models that can go faster with the fastest being 160km/h which is impressive. Those that can go at higher speeds are more expensive than other brands because they come with additional safety features.

How far can one travel?

Electric scooters have excellent range for their size. Depending on the model you choose and the cost some are only ideal for shorter distances of 25km. However other models can reach driving distances of up to 50km on a single, full charge. 

The battery power dictates the distance you can travel before recharging. If this is factored in you have approximately 4 hours of travel distance which translates to about 50km.

Can my E-scooter be stolen?

Yes. Electric scooters are pricey which makes them a popular target for thieves. Also, the popularity of motorized scooters makes them an easy item to move in the black market.

Riders with new or quality scooters, should take good care of them and protect them from theft by parking in safe places or keeping watch on the item if they value its use. All good brands design their scooters to fold up easily so they can be taken indoors by the owner when not in use. 

For example, store your motor scooter in the garage instead of leaving the product parked outside your home. Or if stopping in town, use a locking device of some sort. Many models come with a dedicated app for the e-scooter which means you can lock the device from your phone.  

Can electric scooters go uphill?

Yes, however, it depends on the climb angle. Budget scooters have a problem climbing uphill when the angle is 18 degrees and above. However, a premium product handles the same angle and more easily.

Other determining factors are your weight, motor, and battery power. Battery power and motor dictate the performance of your scooter. You need a powerful battery and motor for a steep climb. Moreover, you need at least 250 watts high-torque motor for more power.

A scooter climbs fast if you weigh less as the motor does less work. Most importantly, the tires should have a firm grip and be of appropriate tire size for the uphill climb. For example, go for treaded, grooved tires at least 8.5 inches in size. Lastly, the scooter should have rear and front suspension options.

Charging: How often should I charge my scooter?

Charge your scooter battery once it is depleted. It can last anywhere between 1.5 – 6 hours depending on your usage and riding.

Always keep your scooter at 30 – 80% charge and fully charge the battery when going on a longer ride. Also, you don’t have to charge the battery after each ride or every day.

Charge the battery for 12 hours or until the charger light is solid green. Most scooter models fully charge after 5 – 8 hours.

How long will my scooter battery last?

Replace the battery after 2 – 4 years or after riding for 3000-5000 miles. That’s the battery life span of a typical motorised scooter. 

If the scooter is not turning on, check the motor as it is the power source. Take it to an auto repair shop for more comprehensive maintenance. This type of problem can arise if you do stunts or because of excessive riding.

The mechanic will give you more details on the product and its condition. Besides, they have spare parts, and accessories and take care of the product warranty.

How do I make my E-scooter last longer?

The longevity of your E-scooter depends on handling and maintenance service. Don’t overcharge the battery as it spoils the seal causing it to leak which affects its condition and value.

Overcharging the battery causes overheating and permanently damages the battery. It renders the battery unusable and repair of any part is impossible.

Also, don’t attach the battery charger to the battery for more than 24 hours. Fully charge the battery, and reduce the weight it carries to make it last longer by reducing motor power consumption.

Repairs & maintenance

Here are some tips for maintaining your electric vehicle:

  • Always wash your scooter after use to keep dust, dirt, and mud off it to prevent damage to the electrical systems. 
  • Do routine maintenance services to ensure that there are no underlying problems. 
  • Regularly charge the battery as recommended to ensure longevity and improved battery life.
  • Store your motorized scooter in a safe place to prevent damage and theft of its parts or wheels.
  • Repair any issues promptly. 
  • Don’t use the scooter beyond its maximum speed by removing the limits by customizing or modifying the firmware as it damages the motor and other parts.
  • Don’t carry excess loads that exceed the scooter manufacturer recommendations.

How to store it?

Keep your scooter in the garage or inside the home for safety as it takes up little space. Keep the motor scooter In a standing position leaning on something or folded down and secured. 

Don’t put anything with water on top of the scooter to prevent damage. Also, you can keep it in a rack inside the garage to properly manage your space in your home and protect underlying accessories.

Are they safe to ride?

Yes, scooters are safe to ride. However, the permitted scooter riding age is 14 years and above for most manufacturers. In some places, only kids above 16 years can ride one. 

The rider is safer when they wear a safety helmet. In addition, the maximum allowed speed is 25km/h on roads for these vehicles. Scooters are generally not permitted on footpaths to prevent accidents with pedestrians and those with disabilities. 

Are electric scooters worth the cost?

Scooters vary in price depending on several factors like brand, model, quality and type. 

The cheapest model is around 300 euros and the most expensive is a few thousand euros. They come with a warranty and have a sharp braking system for prompt braking when riding on the road. 

Are these scooters worth the cost? Yes, they are worth the purchase as a sustainable form of transport and accompanying, affordable running costs. 

More expensive scooters have the greatest acceleration, range, and suspension. Plus, their sturdy design is impeccable and is made using aircraft-grade materials. They also have excellent safety features that are essential when at high speed on the road. 

The choice you make when buying is crucial. Choose a model that makes you safe, and gives you firm control on the road. Enjoy the ride!