What’s in Store for the G Hotel between Now and Next Year?


What’s in store for the G Hotel between now and next year as they undergo renovations?

We were welcomed to the 5 Star G Hotel last night on ‘World Hello Day’ where we were greeted with cocktails, drinks and light bites, while the General Manager spoke about the many changes that lie ahead.

In July 2018 Andrew Drysdale began as General Manager in the G Hotel having left the Raddisson and he is looking forward to the changes that will come into effect in the G Hotel.

Hopeful that the renovations will begin in a week or two and be completed by April 2019, Andrew confessed that he knows only two well that issues can often affect plans which could draw out the renovations even longer.

The renovations will begin upstairs, where there are just over 100 bedrooms and although not much needs changing in them, the plan is to update them.

After the bedrooms have then been completed the renovations will make their way downstairs and will end in the bar and restaurant which seemed to be the main focus of the renovations.

A lot of talk last night was on the very high standard of food in the hotel but also on the fact that not many people use the bar and restaurant because it’s not comfortable.

Currently people seem to be spending more time in the pink room due to it’s comforts and the easiness of sitting there with friends and family, even young children.

Seomra Bándearg
Pink Room

People love sitting in the pink room drinking tea/coffee, prosecco etc as they watch out over Lough Atalia, be it in the rain, sun or snow. The pink room won’t be changed much, rather just having a more vibrant pink.

Andrew has said they don’t want to change the Hotel G brand because they are happy with it but instead they want to modernise the hotel because it hasn’t been updated with 12 years.

With the Festive Season on it’s way the Christmas Tree feels right at home in the corner of the pink room. While Christmas is only around the corner, New Year’s is coming up the rear and the G Hotel are delighted to be holding a Masquerade Ball for New Year’s Eve.

The G Hotel is continually growing and developing with plenty more to come after the renovations. Exciting times lie ahead for all those involved in the G Hotel.