Lignum restaurant – local ingredients and ancient techniques craft a unique experience

Galway Daily life & style Lignum restaurant using ancient cooking techniques for modern diners

Lignum is the Latin for wood and the name of a new and unique restaurant which is set to open in Bullaun just outside Loughrea in a few short weeks.

The core ideal behind Lignum restaurant is featuring the best local produce, cooked using ancient techniques in a custom made wood-burning oven, all done with experience acquired from all over the world.

The wood burning oven is hand-crafted from Naples, and Lignum said there is a “unique & poignant feeling experienced when cooking food this way.”

The restaurant added that “It’s safe to say the final product when served from an oven like this is second to none.”

Situated in the idyllic surroundings of Bullaun, each dish’s ingredients are meticulously chosen from the immediate area and top producers around Ireland.

The selection process revolves around ensuring that diners are getting wholesome and natural food, which is what any good restaurant experience should have.

Lignum Restaurant

That emphasis on locality and natural ingredients even extends to the drinks menu, with Lignum aiming to create a “more refined and more natural cocktail” that will deliver a new experience to customers.

Ingredients for the cocktail menu such as bitters and tonics will be made in house “following the seasonality of the ingredients”.

This new venture is being spearheaded by chef Danny Africano who has spent the better part of the last decade working in kitchens around the world in Australia, Italy, Singapore and more.

The third generation in a family of restaurateurs, Danny is blending what he learned from all those different cuisines and cooking styles to create a unique take on food for diners in Galway looking for a new experience.

Lignum Restaurant

Those wholesome local ingredients are complemented by the all-star team of chefs who will be working with them, gathered from a slew of Michelin star restaurants worldwide.

Crafted using ancient methods focused on using wood to prepare, cook & serve the cuisine – Lignum will offer an experience like no other that transcends the general outlook on modern dining.