Galways finest Brunch at the Hyde pairs premium food and cocktails

Galway Daily life style Galways Hyde Bar and Gin Parlour debuts Belvedere Brunch

Galway’s Hyde Bar and Gin Parlour is making more incredible additions to its high class cocktail menu with a range of options to go with the new Belvedere Brunch.

The stylish and modern Hyde, known for it’s incredible design and exquisitely crafted cocktails is pairing new drinks made from premium Belvedere vodka with its brunch menu.

Belvedere Vodka is the first super-premium vodka, created from 600 years old Polish tradition with 100% Polska rye and clear water from its own well.

This all natural drink with zero additives or sugar is a more than a few cuts above your usual grade of vodka with a subtly sweet taste profile that feels smooth in your and has nice, clean finish.

The talented mixologists from the Hyde are using it as the base for a refreshing range of cocktails such as the Pomme Highball; a light and refreshing highball cocktails with undertones of fresh citrus and apples.

The Polska Mary is another brunch favourite, a twist on the classic Bloody Mary influenced by traditional Polish Beetroot soup.

Its savoury mix of belvedere vodka, tomato juice, beetroot and spices is always a welcome compliment to a light brunch.

The very elegant looking Rubin cocktail is another tasty addition, this is a crisp and fruity combination of Belvedere Vodka, grapefruit and orange juices a hint of green tea, vermouth and tonic water.

Brunch is becoming increasingly popular and the range of new drinks accompanying it is a better reason than ever to come and try the menu at the Hyde.

Galway Daily life style Galways Hyde Bar and Gin Parlour debuts Belvedere Brunch

If you’re looking for something light then the homemade smoky beans on toasted sourdough bread offers a nice taste of home that’s been given a bit of a touch up.

Or perhaps sink your teeth into something sweeter like the Brioche French Toast with organic Canadian maple syrup over a wild berry compote and toasted hazelnuts.

If you’re watching your intake then try a veggie grill with portobello mushrooms, roasted vine tomatoes, roasted baby potatoes, smoky beans, poached eggs & sourdough toast.

There are also more substantial options on offer for people who want something that will keep them through the day like Dr. Jeckyll’s Meat Tacos with smoky chilli beef with hint of cocoa, guacamole, jalepeno & sour cream.

Or a good old fashioned Steak & Eggs for the protein lovers who will enjoy sitting down with a 8oz striploin steak, fried eggs, skinny fries, and grilled vine tomato & bearnaise sauce.

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