How to Improve Your Writing Skills in Essays and Dissertations


Are you struggling with academic papers? This might make you feel better: everybody is! Even those talented students, who don’t have a problem completing research papers and other complex projects, will get stuck at one point.

With that workload that professors assign, it’s impossible for a student to achieve all goals. They work, attend classes, take exams, and live their lives somewhere in between. There’s no time for writing all that content. 

Stress is a real epidemic among students. Academic writing projects contribute towards it. If you learn to approach the writing process from a different angle, you’ll be more confident and relaxed about it. 

We’ll give you tips that help you improve your skills in dissertation and essay writing. 

Tips: This Is How You’ll Boost Your Academic Writing Skills  

  • Read a Lot

Before you can write a good academic paper, you need to understand what a great academic paper is. You can find tons of dissertations, essays, and research papers online. Be specific in your research: focus on those that belong to the area of study you’re working on. These publications assist the studying process. You’ll learn a lot about the topics, but you’ll also understand the concept of academic writing. 

Pay attention to the style. It has to be clear, professional, and almost dry. There are creative academic projects. But when you’re sharing ideas and arguments with a broad audience that’s interested in your research and findings, there’s not much space to improvise. The style has to be crisp and clear!  

  • Hire a Writer for Improving Essay Writing      

You already know what students do when they get stuck in studying: they hire tutors. Online tutoring services are booming. When you get stuck with essay writing, you can do the same thing: get essay writing help online. EduBirdie is an agency that offers assistance with any type of essay, research paper, dissertation, case study, and more.

When you collaborate with a professional who can guide you through the stages of completion, you’ll understand the process. Your teachers aren’t giving you the instructions you need. Fortunately, you can get detailed guidance through online writing services. 

  • Don’t Start without an Outline  

An outline seems like an unnecessary step at first. All that planning requires time, which you would rather save. Most students get directly to the process of writing, thinking they are saving time that way. But they aren’t. Without an outline, they spend much more time on the other stages. In essence, outlining saves you time and guides you towards a more successful final result. 

The outline should include all chapters and paragraphs of the project. Plan the thesis statement, arguments, and all other important points. It’s also important to plan what sources of information you’ll use (you’ll need to reference them in the bibliography). With such a clear skeleton for your paper, half of the work will be done. After this, you’ll only need to fill in the gaps.   

  • Practice a Lot!   

Here’s the truth that nobody wants to hear: you don’t become a great writer from the first attempt. That’s an extremely rare situation with extremely talented students. The rest of us weren’t born with a natural talent for writing. We need guidance, instructions, and endless practice. 

The process of academic writing is guided by specific principles. As you go through different types of papers, you’ll build on the foundation that you develop with essays. In your free time, you can use social media writing tools to practice on topics that you like. You can even publish that content to start your own blog.       

  • Always Edit!

Solid grammar, punctuation, and style are essential for a successful paper. Even if your ideas are good, you won’t get a good grade when your content is flooded with grammar mistakes. You can use Grammarly or any similar tool during the proofreading process. 

But for editing, you have to mind the logical flow and style. You’ll do that by reading the paper several times and making the needed adjustments to it. If it’s an extremely important paper, consider hiring a professional editor to improve it. 

You Can Do This!

Nobody said that your studies would be easy. They require effort, commitment, and some talent for writing. Your professors keep assigning essays without teaching you how to complete them. But if you’re committed enough, you can learn how to write any kind of paper. The tips above are universal; they work for all students and all aspects of academic writing. Today is a good day to start practicing!


BIO: James Collins loves writing. He always enjoyed essays and other assignments. James shares his tips with students through blog posts, and his favourite topic is… you guessed it: writing!