Feast on Christmas cuisine from around the world with Galway Food Tours

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Galway is a bubbling pot of cultures from around the world, and when people come here they bring their culture, art, and that all important food.

This Christmas Galway Food Tours are giving people a seasonal feast for the senses with special tours that explore Galway’s food heritage from many countries.

Locals and tourists alike can let their eyes and ears take a break and explore one of the leading culinary destinations in Europe through its food.

Since starting Galway Food Tours in 2015, Sheena Gill and her teammates Gosia and Orla have been walking the streets of Galway with close to 7,000 people following in their footsteps.

Christmas Food Tours

To celebrate Christmas and their own food heritage from France (Sheena), Poland (Gosia), and Germany (Orla), three very special seasonal food tours will be running in the weeks up to Christmas.

The Christmas tours will be over two and a half hours through the streets of Galway where people will get a flavour of the Christmas market, the lights and all the festive fun that Galway has to offer.

“The tours are a great way spend time with pals from work, family, a partner or if you just fancy a day out in Galway away from everyone!” explained Gosia.

These Christmas specials will introduce will introduce some French, German and Polish Christmas twists to the usual lineup.

“We will surprise your taste buds with some ‘herring in a duet’, pate, French Log cake and wurstchen as well as delicious local dishes. It’s going to be a savage afternoon, mulled wine will be flowing and laughter will be heard,” said Sheena.

The Tours will run on Saturday, November 30; Saturday, December 7; and on Saturday, December 14 and all will start at 3:30pm.

The food tours are priced at €60 per person and gift vouchers can be bought for you or as a gift from www.galwayfoodtours.com.


image credit: Julia Dunin photography