Galway 2020 ‘Gaillimh’ typeface wins design awards

Galway daily life & style Gaillimh typeface wins design award

A typeface created specifically for Galway 2020 has been awarded a much-coveted gold bell at the 2019 Institute of Creative Advertising and design awards.

Galway 2020 commissioned the ‘Gaillimh’ typeface last year with the goal of reflecting Galway’s heritage and their goals in promoting it.

It was created by irish typographer Bobby Tamman with design agency Unthink.

Galway 2020 have said that “Its form has been influenced by typographic references from across the county including 18th century stone carvings and 19th century sign-writing.

“From old shopfronts to headstones and from medieval typeface to the more modern type, the inspiration for Gaillimh is deeply rooted in the landscape of Galway.”

The Institute of Creative Advertising and Design rewards creative excellence in Irish advertising design.

The annual awards programme aims to reward those who pursue, craft, and execute creative excellence.

Gaillimh won the prestigious Gold Bell in the Design-Craft category at the 2019 awards.

The award was accepted by the project team Colin Farmer, Noelle Cooper, Chris Fullam and Bobby Tannam.

“We are thrilled that the Gaillimh typeface has received this prestigious recognition,” said Fintan Maher, Director of Communications and Marketing for Galway 2020 .

“We want to take this opportunity to thank the team at Unthink and typographer Bobby Tannam for creating this special piece of design which we hope will leave a lasting legacy from Galway 2020.”

The award from ICAD follows the recent appointment of the Gaillimh typeface to the 100 Archive.

The 100 Archive project is an ongoing catalogue of Irish graphic design, which has been running since 2012.

It aims to capture and record the short but inspiring history of Irish visual communications design.