Galway’s Tartare brings a taste of the west to Dublin’s Bread41

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Galway chef and restaurateur JP McMahon has teamed up with Eoin Cluskey of organic Dublin bakery Bread41 to collaborate on a range of baked goods combining the flavours of the Galway coastline with Bread41’s traditional, artisan methods.

The series kicks off with a classic croissant with a seaweed twist, featuring milled dillisk from Connemara in a sourdough croissant, along with a pain au chocolat topped with dillisk.

Both limited edition pastries will be available from Bread41 in Dublin and Tartare on Dominick Street in Galway City from Saturday 21 August.

Tartare’s JP McMahon relished the opportunity to champion the flavours of the Wild Atlantic Way for the collaboration with Eoin from Bread 41.

A keen forager, JP loves to use wild, seasonal and sustainable ingredients in his cooking and is passionate about seaweed, going so far as to say it should be our national vegetable.

“When Eoin and I were developing the concept for the collaboration, my thoughts instantly turned to seaweed.

“I really wanted people to taste what we created and think of the sea. We’re bursting with other ideas too and can’t wait to bring them to customers in Galway and Dublin.”

Eoin Cluskey from Bread41 is also delighted with the collaboration, saying that they have always been inspired to find new flavours, focusing on seasonal ingredients and local organic produce.

“Collaborating with JP and the team at Tartare represents a real meeting of minds for us,” he said.

“It helps us to push the boundaries of flavour while bringing our products to a new audience in Galway.”

The dillisk croissant and pain au chocolat mark just the beginning for JP, Eoin and their teams.  The next ingredients to feature in the series will include wildflowers, such as meadowsweet, rose and woodruff.

Eoin Cluskey has also just been confirmed as a speaker at FOTE 2021, the two day food symposium founded by JP McMahon which will take place at Airfield Estate, Dundrum, on 18 and 19 October.

The Bread41/Tartare dillisk croissants and pain au chocolat will be available from Saturday 21 August at Tartare, 56 Dominick Street  Lower in Galway and Bread 41, 41 Pearse Street, Dublin.