Galway champions its greatest food assets so people will Dine in Galway

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From the 29 June, Galway’s cafes, restaurants and gastro pubs will be reopened, reimagined and ready to welcome people back for great food and dining experiences.

Dine in Galway, an initiative which aims to highlight the amazing food you can enjoy in one of Ireland’s most vibrant food destinations is launching Galway City, where there is a Plate for Everyone.

As a city with a huge diversity of people, cultures and flavours, Galway food passion is the driver for the return of the local economy on the west coast.

Galway has a long tradition of using close-to-hand ingredients from the land and the sea in creating food.

Fresh seafood and shellfish, sustainably caught in the roaring Atlantic Sea. Vibrant vegetables and roots, plucked from the mineral rich soil of the West of Ireland. Mouth-watering meats and poultry that are reared with respect and care.

But Galway’s food heritage has grown and adapted, transforming the city into a melting pot of contemporary cuisine from all over the globe.

You can experience the tastes of the world here; starting with our own locally grown produce available from the Galway Market each weekend.

But beyond that there’s treats like Chinese Street Food from Xi’an Street Food, authentic Italian pizza from The Dough Bros, Middle-Eastern falafel from The Gourmet Offensive, Spanish tapas from Cava, contemporary brunch from Dela or hearty, rustic Bistro food from The Kings Head.

And that is only the beginning of what’s on offer in Galway. With so many top-quality restaurants all situated within strolling distance of the city centre you will be spoiled for choice.

Galway is also home to a host of comfortable and relaxing hotels and hostels, making it the ideal staycation destination for any food lover.

“We are reopening in early July and we are really looking forward to getting back and reconnecting with our community, staff and customers alike,” said Sinead Meacle and Enda McEnvoy, owners of Loam restaurant.

“We’re rested, refreshed, and with renewed focus and ready to re enter this new changed landscape.

They added that restaurants are more than just the sum of their parts, supporting a wide range of growers and crafts people, fishermen and farmers, cheese-makers and candle makers, bakers and refuse collectors all of whom have been affected by this pandemic, and all of whom are eager to get back to work.

Kevin Nugent of Tribe Hospitality Group commented “Salthill in summer means one thing, people coming together to enjoy one of the most iconic seaside town in the country.

“This year that has all changed. We are all ready now to reopen and to welcome our customers back in an adapted way, but nonetheless with the same values as always. To bring great food, a shared experience and to create memories.”

The Kings Head plans to reopen on July 2, and owner Paul Grealish says they’ll be happy to have their fantastic staff and customers back breathing life into this 800 year old building.

“While we have been busy preparing the premises to comply with guidelines to keep our customers and staff safe, the core elements of Customer Service and commitment to fresh local ingredients will remain the same.

“At the end of the day, this global pandemic is difficult for everyone. We would ask our customers to be kind to themselves, to each other and to our staff.

“No doubt this too shall pass and better days lie ahead! It’s great to see other businesses in our area starting to re-open.”

He added that one-off business run by their owners are part of what makes any visit to Galway so unique.

“Galway is coming back and on the 29th with all our great restaurants, food outlets and producers we are going to open our doors again to our customers,” says Rory McCormack, owner of Handsome Burger.

“We are getting our staff back in and really this is the first time in weeks we have been excited yet again by what Handsome Burger is in the westend and in Galway.

“Looking forward to feeding people and just seeing our customers again.”

So, book your table now to feast on the tastes of Galway and support the local producers, chefs, owners and staff who can’t wait to have you back,” said Gill Carroll of the Galway City Business Association.

Looking to plan the perfect Galway trip? Check out some of the finest food spots the city has to offer by following Dine in Galway at