There’s nowhere better than Galway in the sunshine!

sunshine in galway

After what’s felt like weeks of dreary weather the summer made a spectacular appearance in the west of Ireland this week.

And when the sun comes out so do the sunbathers.

The beach along the Salthill prom were teeming with sun worshippers of all shapes and sizes this week. It seems everyone knows that warm summer sunshine in the West of Ireland is something worth taking advantage of.

This adorable three-some posted for photos in between making giant bubbles, collecting seawater and building castles.

Pharmacies reported high sales of sunscreen. Café tables were constantly full selling Oceanside treats and outdoor cafes and bars were quick to notice the demand.

“Don’t get burned,” I hear Joan warn at Lonergan’s along the prom. “This is the kind of day people appreciate the shade in the afternoon here,” she says with a smile pointing to the sidewalk tables in front of her bar.

Sun is good for getting people out and about and good for business in Salthill too. And there’s more sunshine on the horizon for the rest of the week!