Galway entrepreneurs build business on the foundation of Irish Heritage

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Two young Galway entrepreneurs have built a business for the future, on the foundation of the past. Ken Kinneen and Dylan Commons have figured out just how to mix the two for success.

In fact they have struck a number of important balances with

The basic idea is to educate the public on authentic Irish traditions and why they endure. Then they offer those traditions in high quality jewelry that celebrates Irish heritage and lasts for generations.

What is the trinity knot? Where did the Claddagh ring design actually come from? Is the Salmon of Knowledge really about a salmon? Why are there high crosses in Ireland? What do all the traditions stand for and which ones most closely stand for your heritage in your own mind?

They want you to have the information to understand the history behind them all, and the opportunity to wear that heritage in high quality gold and silver jewelry. To do that, they are combining mentors and experience from the past with the power of the Internet. The result is you can learn about your heritage, choose how to wear it and have it delivered directly to your door.

There are a lot of opportunities to pick up souvenirs of Ireland.

But t-shirts and tea towels don’t last. Finding just what you see as a true celebration of your heritage, designed and handmade in high quality jewelry of silver and gold is something that represents true heritage and Irish workmanship.

Entrepreneurs, Kinneen and Commons are relying on the mentorship of Noel Finan who is a family friend and 30-year private diamond dealer.

He sees promise in his young counterparts and their venture with the newest in computer technology and marketing.

They have also partnered and only deal with an exclusive, longtime jewelry supplier who creates each piece of top quality jewelry from his workshop in Wicklow.

It’s a product with deep roots in the past, putting the power of the Internet to use for education, orders and delivery.

You can access their work from anywhere in the world, learn about your heritage and order exactly what you see as the perfect reflection of it.

It is created to order, and delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

Check out the stories of Irish history and see how they tie it all together in top quality jewelry that will last for generations to come at