Jewellery collection inspired by the Connemara landscape

Jewellery collection inspired by the Connemara landscape
Lynsey De Burca Jewellery. Photo: Julia Dunin Photography

Local jewellery designer and maker Lynsey de Burca has launched a new collection inspired by the landscape of Connemara and the west of Ireland.

Talún, meaning Land in Irish, is a collection of textured raindrop link jewellery inspired by the western landscape.

Over the past 18 months De Burca spent hundreds of hours immersing herself in the great outdoors. Walking daily in Connemara and through the Burren, she drew complete inspiration from the geology of the west of Ireland.

“During the several lockdowns- we were able to take a closer look at our surroundings-to explore, to enjoy and to appreciate it’s features.

“I was captivated by the beautiful patterns and textures of the Burren Limestone pavements. From the landscape back into my workshop in Moycullen, Talún was created,” explained Lynsey.

Lynsey de Burca. Photo by Julia Dunin Photography

Each of the links in the jewellery collection is hand-made in her Moycullen studio, using Sterling silver and centuries old craft techniques.

Lynsey says that each link is totally individual, with a “unique fingerprint”, and almost “organic” differences between them all.

“Each individual one retains an untouched raw texture on the outer edge contrasting against the smooth high polish of its flat finished front.”

“This reflects the rough texture of the rocks along our coastline in repose against a sometimes flat and tranquil silver tide.”

For creating her work, she combines many different skills like Piercing, Soldiering, Roller Mill Texturing, Forging and Electroplating

Though her crafting techniques may leans towards antiquity, that’s not to say that Lynsey is opposed to modern knowledge that may help her craft.

While Talún aims for simplicity in using just elegant silver, Lynsey also used her time in lockdown to brush up her knowledge of gemstones.

A diploma course in Gemmology at NUI Galway gave her an education in how to use laboratory techniques to identify gemstones.

She says that that it also “instilled a love of gemmology and geology and also provided me with hands on experience in identification protocols using a comprehensive collection of gemstones.”

Lynsey De Burca Jewellery. Photo: Julia Dunin Photography

The Talún Collection starts from €80.  To shop the collection log onto or get social across Instagram and Facebook