Enjoy a cleaner, greener, guilt free stay at the Connacht Hotel

Galway Daily life & style Enjoy a cleaner, greener, guilt free stay at the Connacht Hotel

Sustainability has been a growing trend in hospitality in recent years, as tourists and travellers seek to enjoy holidays that don’t come with a massive environmental bill as the cost of their enjoyment.

That’s something the team in the Connacht Hotel have been keeping mind as they plan for the summer, particularly with Earth Day on tomorrow, focusing on action that help empowers visitors to be able choose “Greener” hospitality.

The Connacht Hotel are working with environmental charity Hometree, a charity that connects people with nature, and works to safeguard Ireland’s declining biodiversity and confront its climate challenges through tree planting and other projects.

Working with this charity, for as little as 50 cent per night guests at the Connacht Hotel this summer will be given the option to offset their carbon footprint. 

100% of this voluntary contribution by the guest will go to Hometree, who aim to conserve the permanent native woodland in Ireland, where there are still many historic woodlands which took a long time to flourish.

They also aim to encourage land regeneration and biodiversity through afforestation, restoration and education.

The green team at the Connacht hotel have calculated the average guest at the Connacht Hotel generates 2.66KG of CO2, a fully grown tree would offset 21KG per annum and the current cost of planting a tree with Home tree is €4.00.

The newly renovated hotel has taken significant measures to reduce its carbon emissions over the last few years by reducing energy consumption, preserving scarce water resources and minimising waste production.

The green team actively protect and promote local biodiversity, buy locally where possible and encourage visitors to use local “green” businesses and services.  

Visitors are encouraged to adopt a responsible approach to the environment without reducing the quality or enjoyment of their visit. More information can be found here

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