Darren’s Diary – Kicking The Habit (Day 34) – Sunday, 25th March 


I was tired this morning, very tired.  Sometimes busy weekends go hand-in-hand with an adrenaline boost and it’s usually midweek before the collapse.  But this morning, there was absolutely nothing in the tank it felt. 

Had forgotten to change my alarm clock though I woke up early.  And I was in bed early last night after our long day in Clones.  But at 8.30am this morning, the last place I wanted to go was to Dublin.  I’d done my miles.  I was spent.

I’m glad I did as it provided the lift following yesterday’s disappointment.  Galway and Dublin played out an engaging end-to-end battle in Abbotstown and it was the Tribeswomen who emerged victorious getting their third league win and moving within touching distance of the semi-finals.

Caitriona Cormican struck a goal again.  She’s having a flyer this year at both camogie and ladies football.  Have always been a massive fan of ‘Teeny’ and great to see her making an impact.

Roisin Leonard and Emer Flaherty made their returns to the county set-up and after withstanding tough spells from the reigning All-Ireland champions, things are looking very positive in the camp.  It’s not the result as such that have Galway fans in good form, it was the resilience shown in ensuring a result.

Afterwards, there was a pep in the step heading to the airport to pick up Sinead.  Her flight was delayed an hour but as things worked out, the times fell nicely as I got all my work done before leaving and still arrived as she was going through passport control.

Herself and girls had a great time and as promised, brought her to Macari’s in Kinnegad for a proper feed.  And it is a proper feed and my favourite stop-off point coming home from Dublin.  The big thick potato-style chips look like two or three portions.

I was disappointed they had no sausage rolls as that’s what I always used to have with Tom and Maeve when I worked in the Fingal House in Dublin many moons ago.  During my first spell living in the capital, made two close friends whom I’m still in touch with and that is one of the memories I hold dear.

But the food was still delightful and Sinead was impressed.  Job done 😉 !

Cliona reckoned I should take her to Bracken’s across the road so will do that soon.  Speaking of which, I should apologise to all the ‘This Is Us’ fans the other night when I mentioned the new season was starting on RTE1.

I hadn’t realised there were that many fans of the show over here as the 11pm new time seemed to indicate low ratings but fans there are.  And some thought we had season three as the States had completed season two.  Sadly, no we’re still behind but we enjoyed the show.

I should apologise for the diary being late tonight but as you can guess, it has been a busy day.  Did have a couple of mild cravings but nothing to be alarmed about.  Fatigue was catching me much more than the desire to smoke.  And that’s why It’s going to be a quiet one.

Within minutes, I’ll be getting into my pyjamas.  In my case, that’s a tracksuit and hoodie as I’ve never been one for the bedroom uniform.  Sinead and Kate are looking well in their ‘jammies’ going to through photos of Scotland.  I’ll leave that to them though Sinead does threaten to get me an outfit 🙂

Now, they’re having a dispute about book reading time.  I’ll stay clear of that one.  I’m going to wrap up.  Will be a busy few days as have to start catching up on articles.  And of course, a tough couple of days ahead for Ballinasloe as the two funerals for Deirdre Kilmartin and Maureen Dooley have commenced.

This is my last Sunday diary and I never imagined I’d get to this stage.  We’re inside the final week of the daily diaries before going weekly from Tuesday week.  I’ll be thankful many times over the next six days but I couldn’t have done it without your support.  We’ll chat again tomorrow.