Darren’s Diary – Kicking The Habit (Day 12) – Saturday, 3rd March 


The good news is we aren’t isolated from the outside world anymore but still a risky move to depart so opted to stay in Taughmaconnell today rather than risk venturing on those roads. 

Now, it was airing on the side of caution as the road to Clonkeen has been cleared bar some dodgy patches though the potholes have hurt this road in recent months still created a lottery.

I must say fair play to Sinead’s brother David and the residents here.  The tractors were out in force from the afternoon to create some pathway to the main road again.

As I decided to take the four-mile round trip walk to check out the area myself, it’s still amazing how much snow rested on the roads and have been pushed up to the side.  I’m nearly 40 and I’ve never seen that much snow.  I can’t compare to 1982 as I was only three years old.

I did feel guilty that I wouldn’t make it in for Mike’s mass and I’m sure the main roads are Ok.  But one dip or pothole could have taken the car off track.  And with warnings extended until 12pm on Sunday, felt it was best to stay.  I’ll be at the grave myself Sunday or Monday and remember him in my own way.

We didn’t have the option this morning regarding little Oliver’s christening as work was only being done when we inspected the conditions.  Even David said it would be hours before any safe movement could take place.  Kate and I had great fun checking but we were glad to get in from the cold snap.

Weather like this does affect routine.  You can get lazy in one sense and then restless in another. That has been my feeling today.  Because I wanted to talk about Mike, I never talked about our day yesterday and how we could have had a serious moment as I nearly broke my fingers.

After bringing in the turf, I opted to clean the snow off the car in case I ended up on the road.  Some snow was caught inside the bonnet so I lifted that.  However, the stick gave way and came crashing down on my resting three fingers.

Now, I was lucky in one sense.  The stick also broke the impact and stopped the bonnet coming fully down.  There was a slight pain and one cut but thankfully, nothing a plaster couldn’t fix and I was still able type and work like normal afterwards.

Had I smashed my fingers, I would have been in a right pickle as we would have had great fun trying to get me to an area I could get a vehicle into Ballinasloe.  But on the bright side, I would have had two nurses to address the problem so all wouldn’t be lost.

Speaking of which, I made my four Nicorette gums last three days.  I’m not getting any more for the next two days I reckon.  So, if I make it until Monday, I think we can start seriously talking about me as an ex-smoker which would be cool.

When I reached the head of the road today, it was the type of moment where you’d love to sit down and have a fag.  I won’t lie, I did think about it.  But never to a serious level to crave having one.  I turned around, headed back, and enjoyed a good dinner the girls made for me.

It looks like we’ve decided to rest up for the weekend.  Even a birthday party planned for tomorrow has been postponed.  While we’re over the worst, still can’t be complacent.  Stay safe everyone and look forward to chatting tomorrow.