Would Gaming Industry Top 159B Revenue in 2020

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The Industry that thrives during a pandemic

With lockdown having eased, the online gaming traffic has not. How come we have entered a recession but the online gaming industry has boosted in its numbers?

The increased traffic online in the gaming sector has to do with employees being encouraged to work remotely. Zoom meetings where your camera can be enabled and no managers hovering over your desk, people are able to dabble between work and entertainment. 

It’s surprising that sporting events are being kept to minimal but their numbers have increased. That can be because people can now join in on their favourite esports channel or gaming website without interruptions. 

Experts are saying that because esports heavily rely on live sport, that their numbers soar when they get the chance to air a sporting event. As people still can’t engage in sports the same way as before to minimize the COVID-19 outbreak, watching it online is the way forward. 

Mobile Gaming Sector Boosts as we face a recession

Since the World Health Organisation stated that coronavirus has in fact affected nearly every single country, travel restrictions were put in place. To avoid the virus from spreading, businesses have had to abruptly shut and adapt to the online world.

Even though many industries felt the impact of the pandemic, there are some that have been thriving. According to the infographic bestcasinosites.net one such thriving industry during 2020 is the gaming industry which has seen an increase in revenue and activity. 

Due to high demand, the mobile gaming industry has become more adaptable. People are able to not only work from their smartphones and tablets but also entertain themselves at the same time. It seems that the need for hardware is lessening as businesses have proved to work more efficiently through mobile phones and tablets. 

Online Gaming Businesses are Earning Billions 

According to Tom Wijman, senior market analyst, the global gaming market is one of the thriving industry during lockdown. The online industry has an impressive growth of 9.3% since 2019. There’s no doubt that this industry will continue to boost their revenue if people continue to work remotely. 

There will always be a demand for entertainment, especially during challenging times such as our coronavirus pandemic. People need to get away and forget that COVID-19 is amongst us. The online gaming market provides the fun that society needs. 

As our homes grow into nurseries and offices, playing our favourite game or watching our favourite sport online gives us that sense of being somewhere else.

Our Future and the Online Gaming Industry

Has the online world changed us? Society is earning for closeness more than ever. This has made us humbler and more empathetic. People are helping their neighbours when needed. We are able to spend more time with our families. 

As difficult as lockdown was for many, we’re realising that staying at home has had its benefits. We’re able to see our loved ones on a daily basis. Our children get to see their parents more often. 

Time is something you can never get back and coronavirus has given us that. Time to laugh together, time to smile together and time to play our favourite online games together. We’re in this together, so let’s continue to stick together. 

Who knows, VR eSports might bring us closer to sports in the future, by experiencing it in your own living room.